Boswelia Serata Extract Powder 65%

Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata
Plant Part Used: Resins
Processing Method: Extraction

Boswellia Serrata is a tree found in mountain regions of South Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. It belongs to the Burseraceae family and is native to India. It is a great anti-inflammator and provides pain relief, so it is used in painkiller medicines. Boswellia Serrata is effective in improving physical function and is known to reduce allergic reactions.

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  • 1. What is the concentration of Boswellic acid in this extract?
    The concentration of Boswellic acid in this product is 65%.
  • 2. Boswellia Serrata is found in which parts of the world?
    Boswellia Serrata is found various parts of the world including South Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The plant is native to India
  • 3. What is the plant part used in this extract?
    The gum resin of the plant is used in this extract.
  • 4. What is the country of origin of the Boswellia extract that you provide?
    This Boswellia extract provided by us is from India.
  • 5. Is this Boswellia extract sterilized?
    Yes, this Boswellia extract is sterilized to prevent food contamination and maintain safety standards.
  • 6. What mesh sizes can you provide for Boswellia extract powder?
    We can provide Boswellia extract powder of various mesh sizes, ranging from 40 to 80.
  • 7. What is the Moisture content in the Boswellia extract powder that you provide?
    The moisture content in our Boswellia extract powder is below 5%. This offers better control over microbial growth and increases the overall shelf life.
  • 8. What are the other names of Boswellia Serrata?
    Boswellia Serrata is also known as Indian frankincense, Salai guggul, Indian olibanum, and Sallaki.