Organic Guggul Extract Powder

Botanical Name: Commiphora wightii
Forms Available: Powder/Extract

Commiphora wightii, with common names Indian bdellium-tree, gugal, guggul, gugul, or Mukul myrrh tree, is a flowering plant in the family Burseraceae, which produces a fragrant resin called gugal, guggul or gugul, that is used in incense and Vedic medicine.
Guggul has the potential of treating acne and as an essential cure for nodulocystic acne. Guggul extracts are used in the manufacture of ointments used for treating itchiness, redness, and inflammation in people suffering from psoriasis and eczema.
Guggul extracts also help in treating obesity in people and also treating high cholesterol levels and fighting bad cholesterol like triglycerides.

Family: Burseraceae   Genus: Commiphora   Species: C. wightii

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