Organic Irish Moss Powder

Botanical Name: Chondrus crispus

Plant Part Used: Whole

Processing Method: Drying, Grinding

Otherwise known as Irish Moss, Chondrus crispus is a species of red algae. Growing predominantly in North America and Europe, its color varies from greenish-yellow to red to purplish brown. This small sea algae belong to the family of Gigartinaceae and has a rich content of D-galactopyranose, L-galactose units, 2-ketogluconic acid units, and omega-3 fatty acids. The major active components of Irish moss include albuminoids, polysaccharides, and minerals like sulfur, potassium, iodine, and calcium. It is used across varied industries including the food and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Product Type: Raw Material/Extract   Product Category: Organics   Product Sub Category: Herbal

Product Mix Category: Organic RM powders   Package-Type: 25.00Kg

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  • 1. What does ash value represent in Organic Irish Moss Powder?
    Ash value is the residue remaining after the incineration of the drug or plant part. It represents the number of inorganic salts naturally occurring in the ingredient and adhering to it. Ash value greater than 5% is an indicator of the addition of inorganic metal salts in the product.
  • 2. Does this Organic Irish Moss Powder contain any pesticide?
    No pesticides are used in the Organic Irish Moss powder that we provide. Our products are tested for the presence of pesticides as per the USDA 561 list of prohibited pesticides and European Union Minimum Residual limits (MRLs), in globally recognized third-party labs like Eurofins, SGS &TUV.
  • 3. Is this Organic Irish Moss Powder GMO-free?
    Yes, our products are free from GMO. As GMOs are dangerous for health, we do not accept Organic Irish moss powder from the facilities where GMOs are manufactured, processed, or produced.
  • 4. Is this product Irradiated?
    No, we do not provide irradiated Organic Irish Moss Powder, in order to maintain the quality of our products.
  • 5. Are E. coli & salmonella present in Organic Irish Moss Powder?
    No, E. coli & salmonella are not present in the Organic Irish Moss Powder provided by us.
  • 6. Is Organic Irish Moss Powder safe for human consumption?
    All the heavy metals contents in this Organic Irish Moss Powder are within limit and comply with CA Prop 65. Hence, the product provided by us is safe for human consumption.
  • 7. How do you qualify Organic Irish Moss Powder based on heavy metal and why?
    We test our products for the presence of heavy metals including cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead as these are known as carcinogens and considered harmful for human consumption beyond certain limits. We also make sure our products abide by California prop 65 regulations for lead content below 0.5 ppm levels.
  • 8. Is this Organic Irish Moss Powder suitable for vegans?
    This Organic Irish moss powder is completely derived from plants. Hence, it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
  • 9. Is this Organic Irish Moss Powder sterilized?
    Yes, this Organic Irish Moss Powder is sterilized through steam sterilization process in order to control the microbial limits
  • 10. What is the acceptable Moisture content in this Organic Irish Moss Powder?
    The moisture content in this Organic Irish Moss Powder is below 5%. This offers better control over microbial growth and increases the overall shelf life.