Chanca Piedra Extract Powder 4:1

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus niruri
Plant Part Used: Whole
Processing Method: Extraction

Belonging to the family of phyllanthaceae, Chanca piedra is also known as “gale of wind”, “stonebeaker”, and seed under leaf. It is a tall tree, bearing herbaceous green branch, pale green flowers, and tiny smooth fruits. It has long been used as a traditional medicine for aiding a number of common health conditions, such as jaundice, chronic dysentry, cough, diabetes, ulcer, etc. The plant has a high content of lignan, flavonoid, alkaloids, and essential oils.

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  • 1. What is the appearance of the Chanca piedra Extract Powder that you provide?
    The Chanca piedra Extract Powder provided by us is a fine, free flowing, brown, yellow color powder with a characteristic odor and taste.
  • 2. Is any solvent used in Chanca piedra Extract Powder?
    Water solvents are used during the process of extraction.
  • 3. Is there any pesticide residue in this product?
    Our Products are tested for the presence of pesticides as per the USDA 561 list of prohibited pesticides and European Union Minimum Residual limits (MRLs), in globally recognized third-party labs like Eurofins, SGS &TUV. The pesticide content in our products is within limit and safe for human consumption.
  • 4. Is this Chanca piedra Extract Powder ETO treated or irradiated?
    No. In order to ensure product quality, we do not provide products that are irradiated, or ETO treated.
  • 5. Does Chanca piedra Extract Powder smell badly
    No. Chanca piedra Extract Powder smells like any other leafy green plant.
  • 6. What is the extraction ratio for this product?
    The extraction ratio for this product is 4:1.
  • 7. What are the plant parts used for the preparation of this Chanca piedra Extract Powder?
    The leaves of the plant are used in the preparation of this Chanca piedra Extract Powder.
  • 8. What is the assay method used here?
    The assay method used for this product is TLC.
  • 9. Is E. coli & Salmonella present in Chanca piedra Extract Powder?
    No, E. coli & Salmonella are not present in the Chanca piedra Extract Powder provided by us.