“Lipsticks can’t solve all the problems but it is a great start for sure!”

Is lipstick just a cosmetic item? Not! It is more of an emotion for women. The tint of the lipstick does a lot more than beautify faces. It strengthens the confidence in women. If that’s how miraculous lipsticks can get, let us dig into their making and find out what it takes to bring such products to life.

Lipsticks have been around for ages making women’s lives much saner and more colorful. Even if you note the cosmetic trends, most of them have something to do with lipsticks. The product penetrates every nook and corner of the world. So, if you are into lipstick manufacturing, you must know what women’s needs are like through market insights and trends.

Here is a catch: Women judge lipsticks based on color, fragrance, opacity, dryness, and ingredients.

It brings us to the popular market insights on lipsticks and a few procurements for lipstick manufacturing.

Market Trends and Insights on Lipsticks

Women and lipsticks have a bond forever and beyond! However, a few market insights can assert the popularity of lipsticks across the globe-

  • The global lipstick business has reached approximately $13.5 billion.
  • Natural and organic lipsticks are popular because of growing health awareness.
  • The top-selling shades of lipsticks in the US are- red, brown, nude, and pink.
  • Matte lipsticks are the top-selling category of lipsticks, followed by glosses and lip balms.
  • Post-pandemic, people are inclined towards lipsticks with lip-benefitting ingredients.

Popularly Sourced Ingredients for Lipstick Manufacturing

The primary focus always remains on procuring the ingredients in the lipstick manufacturing process. Check out a few popular ingredients which have become more of a buzzword in the market.

Beet Root Juice

Beetroot is the magic ingredient for any skin care product. It is a nutrient-rich ingredient that might help in the hydration and moisturization of lips. It leaves a beautiful tint that becomes a natural coloring agent. The anti-oxidating properties of the ingredients support the skin’s texture and overall well-being.


Beeswax is one of the most used ingredients in the cosmetic industry. It is a natural emulsifier that helps bind all ingredients and fluid goodies in the form of a stick. It gives structure to the product, making it smooth for application.

 Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is another great ingredient for lipstick manufacturing. It supports the moisturization of lips and contributes to the skin’s combat against extreme temperatures. It is a promising source of Vitamin E, which helps in the overall nourishment of the lips.

 Annatto Seed Powder

Annatto Seed Powder is a natural coloring agent. The beautiful pigment is not the only reason for its popularity. It is rich in anti-oxidating properties, which again adds to the product’s benefit.

Where Can you Buy These Wholesale Herbal Ingredients?

The quality of the ingredients is the primary factor that contributes to the richness of the final product in the lipstick manufacturing process. Have you been looking for authentic ingredients? Then, your search ends here. Jeeva Organic is here for you.

They have an incredible team that does all the leg work to help you get authentic and well-documented products without focusing elsewhere other than your core business area.



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