Phytochemical substances, often known as “phytochems,” may boost the goodness of supplements and nutritious products. Plants and their constituents being the primary sources of phytochemicals, you may use them in your vegan products.

Such advanced capabilities of Phytochemicals offer industry professionals an ideal opportunity to complement their product line with raw and natural substances.

Fortunately, at Jeeva Organic, we have a wide range of phytochemical compounds to help you maximise your products’ potential and profitability. We provide a large assortment of bulk components ranging from Lycopene Supplements to Beta Carotene supplements.

Due to our robust supply chain and commendable staff, you’ll never have to guess what’s best for your business. We wil share our knowledge and expertise in the field to help you narrow down your alternatives.

What Exactly are Phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are active chemical substances found in plants and its constituents. Phytochemicals, which are generally made through metabolic processes, provide a variety of purposes for the plants that produce them.

Since phytochemicals are, by definition, derived from vegetation, it’s inevitable to believe you’d categorise them as ‘vital.’ Even though they appear to fulfil various roles that may enhance overall health, they are not considered ‘essential nutrients’ in the FnB industry.

As an active component in botanical extracts, phytochemical compounds can be found in a purified or concentrated form. Wholesale phytochemicals allow you to keep your operating costs low while adding value to your manufacturing recipes.

How Do Phytochemicals Affect Heart Disease Risk?

In 2021, a study on the probable relationship between Dietary Phytochemical Index (DPI) and cardiovascular illnesses was published in NCBI.

It implies that phytochemical-rich diets are connected with a lower risk of high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and sometimes hypoglycemia. Phytochemicals found in diet may be important, as heart disease is the main killer in the United States.

However, the authors also noted that additional study was required to back up their conclusions. The results of such studies should be of particular relevance to business executives in the supplement and nutritional product businesses.

As the world learns more about this fascinating class of substances, you might discover that your product line has always supported well-being!

Some Commin Sources of Phytochemicals That Can Boost Your Sales

Carotenoids and polyphenols are the two major groups of phytochemicals. The class of fat-soluble pigments known as carotenoids has anti-oxidant properties. Meanwhile, polyphenols are chemical molecules that come in almost 8,000 different forms!

These are also thought to offer protection against oxidative stress. Going further, Phytochemicals that are regularly used during foods and supplements production include:

  • Beta Carotene Supplement
  • Curcumin Supplements
  • L Carnitine with Fucoxanthin
  • Lutein supplements
  • Lycopene supplements
  • Astaxanthin Powder
  • Theobromine Supplements

Jeeva Organic can help you enhance your manufactured products with the goodness of Phytochemicals. In an increasingly competitive market, differentiating your brand, products, and services from your competitors is more crucial than ever.

By using bulk phytochemical components, you may increase the nutritional content of your products while keeping costs low. Add raw, natural phytochem substances to your recipes to boost their effectiveness.

Contact our staff at Jeeva Organic immediately to obtain the best wholesale sources of phytochemicals for your company.


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