In recent years, many people have observed that their health is not where they want it to be. As a result, many people worldwide have pledged to improve their physical and mental health. Natural raw ingredients are thus gathering steam around the world.

Staying active and eating a balanced diet is part of it, as are a variety of vitamins, bacteria and minerals that assist the functioning of various body parts and systems.

We will go over some of the nutraceutical trends of 2023 that will continue to influence this market. We will also frame this conversation regarding the safe and effective raw ingredients that Jeeva Organic already offers.

Health products manufacturer can use these items to ensure consumer trust for their products.

Using Pre and Probiotics to Treat Gut Health Issues

Consumers are increasingly concerned about restoring their intestinal health. This is partly motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with an understanding that gut health is favourably related to overall immune system performance.

Many gut supplements used to be primarily focused on probiotics, and users would take them after or throughout antibiotics. Healthy gut bacteria, on the other hand, can accomplish so much more.

Prebiotics, when taken regularly, may help the proper functioning of the digestive health and aid in the regular functioning of the immune system. Additionally, there is a growing tendency among businesses to use postbiotics, which are substances created using beneficial bacteria.

Children’s Health Products

For many years, it was widely assumed that nutraceuticals were intended for adults. Today, however, there is growing acceptance that safe and tested vitamins can improve a child’s overall health.

According to FSSAI, It provides adequate nutrition to children who have trouble eating green leafy vegetables. In addition, there are several areas of paediatric health where supplements may become more essential in the coming years.

Thus, product manufacturers must include vitamins and good bacteria in their manufactured products. Jeeva Organic can fulfil all your requirements relating to raw ingredient procurement.

Taking Care of Sleep Issues

Agitated people may find themselves tossing and turning and unable to sleep well. However, stress is not the only reason a person cannot sleep.

Whatever the cause of your insomnia, a lack of sleep can have a wide range of consequences for your general health. It can, for example, lower your mood and exacerbate numerous psychiatric symptoms.

It can also suppress your immune system, making you more susceptible to viral and bacterial illnesses. The good news is that nutraceutical supplements may assist with insomnia. This claim is made in mind the raw ingredients used in their formulation.

Jeeva Organic provides terrific raw ingredients that may aid in attaining good sleep. Product manufacturers can put these raw ingredients in their procurement lists. Here are a few of them:

        Melatonin Powder

        Valerian Root Extract

        Magnesium Stearate Powder

        Organic Lavender Extract Powder

Increased Concern about Eye Health

One of the primary reasons consumers have begun to pay attention to eye health is because our modern lifestyle puts a lot of strain on our eyes.

From working on computer displays and staying up to date on the newest Zoom calls to pastimes like gaming, this stress can have many harmful consequences, furthermore, as more people take gaming to the next level and become gaming endurance athletes.

Nutraceutical businesses have also changed their focus to finding new ways to keep these athletes’ eyes healthy. One of these methods is to use lutein.

Jeeva Organic enlists various raw ingredient options for product manufacturers to choose from and provide their consumers with top-quality products. Here is a list of a few of them:

        Carrot Powder

        Spinach Powder

        Broccoli Powder

The Desire for Non-Pill Alternatives

One of the most noticeable trends in the nutraceutical industry is how people take supplements and other goods. For many years, the majority of nutraceutical goods were in pill form.

2019 was the first year in which there were more non-pill products than pill products. Gummies are among the most popular options, particularly for people who are new to utilising nutraceutical products and may be intimidated by tablets, capsules, and other pills.

Jeeva Organic is at the forefront of providing raw ingredients to cater to such a process. We make our products available through a variety of distribution channels. Our authentic products undergo a thorough quality check under our supply chain processes.

We recognise that each client is unique in terms of their health needs and how they prefer to address them. Jeeva Organic strives to provide bulk-sourcing solutions to its customers.

The Top Nutraceutical Trends Exposed

People are still worried about their physical and emotional health. They are looking for items that will aid in maintaining healthy immunity, gut, skin and eye, and improve their mental health as active consumers of health products and advocates for their health.

The good news is that manufacturers are responding to this demand with various safe and well-tested solutions. At the same time, we investigated how some of Jeeva Organic’s safe, natural raw ingredients that have undergone comprehensive testing might fit these niches.

Jeeva Organic takes pleasure in being at the forefront of nutraceutical innovation and will continue to explore new ways to develop.

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