Also known as buffalo herb, purple medic, and Lucerne, alfalfa has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Belonging of the family of legumes, this herb is packed with a number of nutrients, including proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Native to Central and South Asia, alfalfa has long been used for its numerous health benefits.

Having said that, here is detailed discussion about the nutrient content and health benefits of alfalfa sprouts.

Nutrient Values of Alfalfa

33 grams (1 cup) of alfalfa is estimated to contain the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates: 1 gram
  • Fats: 0.2 grams
  • Sugar: 0.1 grams
  • Fiber: 0.6 grams
  • Vitamin C: 5% of RDI
  • Vitamin K: 13% of RDI
  • Iron: 2% of RDI
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Manganese:
  • Copper: 3% of RDI
  • Magnesium: 2% of RDI
  • Riboflavin: 2% of RDI
  • Thiamin: 2% of RDI
  • Folate: 3% of RDI

1 cup of alfalfa sprouts also contains as low as 8 calories.

Top Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts

Helps Lower Cholesterol

Packed with a rich content of dietary fiber, alfalfa helps in battling against cholesterol. Together with other important chemical compounds like saponins, fiber can bond with the cholesterol in the body and keep it from getting accumulated on the arterial walls. This can also help in balancing the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and preventing various health conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis.

Relives Menopause Symptoms

Low estrogen levels in the body can trigger the symptoms of menopause. Alfalfa is packed with an essential plant compound known as phytoestrogen, which has similar chemical properties to that of the hormone estrogen. Hence, they can be beneficial in relieving menopausal symptoms.

Reduces Inflammation

Alfalfa has a high content of calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and antioxidant compounds. These can help in reducing body and joint inflammation and preventing oxidative stress and chronic diseases. Traditionally, alfalfa was in use for the treatment of certain kinds of arthritis.

Promotes Immune System

Having a high content of vitamin C, alfalfa sprout helps in promoting healthy immune system. Vitamin C present in alfalfa triggers the production of white blood cells and reduces oxidative stress. Moreover, Vitamin E and Vitamin B found in alfalfa serve as antioxidant compounds and metabolic regulators.

Improves Urinary Tract Health

Serving as a natural diuretic, alfalfa triggers the normal flow of urine. This, in turn, helps in flushing our harmful bacteria preventing any potential urinary infection from the beginning itself.

Promotes Bowel Movements

Rich in dietary fiber, alfalfa is known to aid digestive health. It helps in bulking up stool and triggering its movement. It also reduces gut inflammation and aids a number of digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, and cramping.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Packed with a high content of fiber, alfalfa has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels by lowering the absorption rate of glucose. This can, in turn, help in controlling prediabetes and diabetes.

Promotes Blood Clotting

Alfalfa is a rich source of vitamin K, which helps the body in blood clotting. Together with iron, vitamin K also helps in the production of blood.

Reduces Risk of Certain Diseases

Alfalfa sprouts are packed with antioxidants that help in fighting against free radicals. According to various studies conducted in the past, free radicals can result in cell damage and oxidative stress that can, in turn, lead to an increased risk of various health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

The Final Words

With low cholesterol levels and high nutrient content, alfalfa works wonders for your health. From menopause to diabetes, alfalfa serves as a natural remedy for a number of health conditions. You can either consume alfalfa sprouts directly or add alfalfa powder into your soups or smoothies to give your body that extra dose of nutrients.

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The above statements are not intended to cure any disease or comply with any health benefits. This is solely for information purposes. Please consult your doctor/health practitioner before consumption of the product. Although we take efforts to keep our website informative, we do not guarantee any medical benefits.

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