Bitter melon fruit powder

Botanical Name: Mamordica
Applications: Blood Sugar Support
Forms Available: Extract, Powder

Balsam-pear is also known as “bitter melon “.It is very important and beneficial for health. It contains a large number of nutrients in it, which are very helpful for the body.

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  • 1. What is the biological source of Bitter Melon?
    The biological source of Bitter Melon is Momordica charantia.
  • 2. What is the plant part used in this product?
    The fruit of the plant is used in this product.
  • 3. What is the identification method used for this product?
    The identification method used for this product is TLC.
  • 4. What are the other names of Bitter Melon?
    Bitter Melon is also known as Bitter apple, Bitter gourd, Bitter squash, and balsam pear.
  • 5. What are the nutrients present in Bitter Melon?
    Bitter melon is packed with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre, potassium, iron, and phosphorous. It is also a source of phytochemicals including phenolic acid, glycoside, saponin, alkaloid, fixed oil, triterpenes, gallic acid, tannic acid, catechin, caffeic acid, p-coumaric, gentisic acid, and chlorogenic acid.
  • 6. Does this product contain any allergen?
    No, the Bitter Melon Fruit Powder provided by us does not contain any allergen.
  • 7. Does this product contain any ash value? Why ash value important in any product?
    The ash value in this product is 5%. Ash value represents the number of inorganic salts naturally occurring in the ingredient and adhering to it. An ash value greater than 5% in this product indicates of the addition of inorganic metal salts.
  • 8. What is mesh size? What is the mesh size of this product?
    Also known as sieve size, mesh size is a measurement of particle size. It is basically the number of openings in one square inch of a screen. We can provide bitter melon fruit powder of different mesh size, depending upon clients’ requirements.
  • 9. What microbial parameters you consider while qualifying Bitter Melon Fruit Powder?
    We make sure the microbial parameters in our products abide by the microbial limits charted out by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Our products are tested for total plate count (TPC), E. Coli & Salmonella, and yeast and mold.
  • 10. Is this product free from GMO?
    Yes, our products are free from GMO. As GMOs are dangerous for health, we do not accept Bitter melon fruit Powder from the facilities where GMOs are manufactured, processed, or produced.