Bromelain Powder 2400 GDU

Botanical Name: Ananas comosus
Plant Part Used: Pineapple Stems
Processing Method: Extraction

An enzyme found in pineapple, bromelain is considered to have active effects on the human body. This active ingredient found in pineapple stems has an action like that of proteases and proteinases, the enzymes that can break down proteins in your body. It has been used in many dietary supplements for hundreds of years throughout South and Central America.

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  • Is bromelain powder 2400 GDU listed in WADA prohibited substance?
    No, bromelain powder 2400 GDU does not appear on the list of WADA prohibited substances. Hence, it abides by the requirement of WADA non-prohibitor substance.
  • Is your product free from GMO?
    Yes, our products are free from GMO. As GMOs are dangerous for health, we do not accept bromelain powder 2400 GDU from the facilities where GMOs are manufactured, processed, or produced.
  • Is bromelain powder 2400 GDU BSE/TSE Free?
    Yes, the bromelain powder 2400 GDU we provide is free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) & Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE).
  • What is the Proteolytic activity in bromelain powder 2400 GDU?
    The proteolytic activity should not be less than 2400 GDU.
  • Are the heavy metals content within suitable limit as per CA prop 65?
    Yes, all the heavy metals contents are within the limit as per CA Prop 65. Hence, it is suitable for human consumption.
  • What is the acceptable Moisture content in bromelain powder 2400 GDU which you provide?
    The moisture content in our bromelain powder 2400 GDU is below 5%. This offers better control over microbial growth and increases the overall shelf life.
  • What is the use of bromelain powder?
    Bromelain helps the body in fighting against pain, swelling, and inflammation. It also inhibits the growth of tumour cells in the body.
  • What potencies your company can provide for Bromelain powder?
    We can provide several potencies as per requirement. Generally, we provide bromelain powder for 2400 GDU, 1200 GDU, etc.
  • How is the appearance of the bromelain powder 2400 GDU that you provide?
    It is a light yellowish color powder.
  • Is bromelain powder 2400 GDU vegan?
    Yes, the Bromelain powder 2400 GDU that we provide is vegan.
  • 1-What is the Moisture content in organic turmeric powder which you provide?
    We provide Organic Turmeric Powder with moisture content below 5%. The moisture content of the product facilitates the growth of microorganisms in the product, which in turn increases the risk of biological hazards. Moisture content below 5% in our product ensures better control of microbial growth and, in turn, increased shelf life.