The way we drink our morning tea is evolving day by day, as more and more people are becoming health conscious and guiding their fitness level. Now, this puts light on lemongrass, a stalky tall plant known popularly for its subtle citrus taste and rich lemony smell. Many fitness and health enthusiasts prefer adding lemongrass to their tea for reasons more than just the flavor and aroma. From uplifting the mood and boosting the immune system to relieving pain and promoting sleep, adding a tinge of lemongrass powder to your tea can work wonders.

If you are yet not convinced with the magical effects of lemongrass, give this article a thorough read before ultimately switching from your regular tea to the refreshing lemongrass tea.

Essential Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

  • It Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking lemongrass-infused tea every morning can work as a detox for your body, promoting your rate of metabolism and helping you lose weight. Due to the reason that lemongrass is known to be a natural diuretic, it can help you in burning some calories.

  • It Relieves PMS Symptoms

One of the biggest benefits of lemon grass is reducing menstrual cramps naturally, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and stomach-soothing properties. So, the next time you are down with your PMS cramps, make yourself a refreshing and cooling lemongrass tea rather than taking those painkillers.

  • It offers a Generous Supply of Antioxidants

Lemon grass contains a number of antioxidants that help in lowering free radicals in the body that can otherwise leave room for diseases. These antioxidants include isoorientin, swertiajaponin, and chlorogenic acid.

  • It Promotes Oral Health

Adding lemon grass stalks to your tea can help in keeping the mouth clean and improving dental health. According to studies, lemon grass helps in inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

  • It Relieves Anxiety

Sipping a cup of hot tea is no doubt very relaxing. But one of the primary lemongrass benefits is that it helps in relieving anxiety. Although inhaling lemongrass essential oils can help reduce stress and anxiety, taking a direct dose of lemon grass-infused tea can be an ultimate stress buster.

  • It Enhances the Levels of RBC

Research has brought to light that drinking tea infused with lemon grass regularly can aid in enhancing the concentration of hemoglobin in your body, boosting the formation of red blood cells. Although the reason for this is unknown, yet many experts believe that the antioxidant properties of the tea help in promoting RBCs.

  • It Relieves Pain

Lemongrass is known to have the wonderful ability to block pain. This implies a daily dose of tea infused with lemon grass can keep you from sensing pain.

  • It Prevents Infection

According to many previous studies, lemon grass is recognized to possess certain infection-preventing capabilities. This essential herb is known to relieve thrush, which is a common fungal infection, affecting people with low immunity.

The Final Words About Lemongrass Tea

Tea infused with lemongrass is nothing but a curative herbal tea, enriched with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, pain-relieving, and body-cooling properties. However, it’s important to note that you should not replace any prescribed medicine with a lemongrass drink without the approval of your doctor.

Disclaimer: The above statements are not intended to cure any disease or comply with any health benefits. This is solely for information purposes. Please consult your doctor/health practitioner before consumption of the product. Although we take efforts to keep our website informative, we do not guarantee any medical benefits.

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