5 Natural Sweetener Alternatives to Improve Your Business’s Health and Sustainability

Businesses are increasingly stressing health and sustainability in their products as more people become health-conscious and ecologically conscientious. This is especially noticeable in the adoption of natural sweeteners as alternatives to regular sugar.

Sugar has always been a common food ingredient, but its detrimental health effects have been more obvious in recent years. Sugar consumption has been related to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues.

Furthermore, conventional sugar production is frequently coupled with unsustainable practices such as deforestation and water depletion.

Businesses have begun incorporating natural sweeteners into their products to solve these concerns. Natural sweeteners are sourced from plants and are not processed in the same way that standard sugar is. As a result, they may be the healthiest sugar substitute and a more sustainable option.

Some Commonly Sourced Natural Sweeteners

The sweeteners mentioned below provide a variety of advantages, such as lower calorie counts, decreased environmental impact, and potential health benefits. This blog will examine five natural sweetener options that can help your company’s health and sustainability.

Luo Han Guo Extract Powder:

Luo Han Guo Extract Powder is a natural sweetener from a southern Chinese fruit. It’s up to 200 times sweeter than sugar and has no calories, making it a good choice for individuals trying to cut back on sugar.

It also contains antioxidant qualities, which may have health benefits.

Organic Stevia Powder 90% Stevioside

Stevia is a natural sweetener obtained from stevia plant leaves. It’s up to 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and contains no calories, making it one of the healthiest sugar substitutes. It is also thought to have possible health benefits.


Aspartame is a low-calorie artificial sweetener used for decades in food and beverages. While it is not a natural sweetener, it is a popular sugar substitute that may be safe in moderation.

However, some people may respond negatively to aspartame, so it’s vital to use it sparingly.

95% Xylooligosaccharides Powder

The natural sweetener xylooligosaccharides (XOS) is generated from the bark of some trees. It’s up to 40% sweeter than sugar and has fewer calories, making it an ideal choice for individuals trying to cut back on sugar. It is also thought to offer possible health benefits.


Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener produced from fruits and vegetables. It’s up to 70% sweeter than sugar and has fewer calories, making it an ideal choice for individuals trying to cut back on sugar. Furthermore, it is thought to be safe to eat.

At Jeeva Organic, we offer a choice of natural sweeteners for businesses wishing to incorporate healthier and more sustainable options into their goods. Our natural sweeteners provide lower calorie counts, reduced environmental impact, and potential health benefits.

We are dedicated to offering high-quality natural sweeteners to businesses seeking to improve the health of their customers and the environment. Order our sweeteners today and learn how they may improve your products!


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