Raw materials are the foundation of your manufactured products. As a result, these ingredients must match your quality standards. They should also meet food safety regulations to ensure that your customers receive high-quality finished goods.

You can ensure high food quality by employing the best raw material sourcing procedures. Also, choose which supplier you want to use. In addition, choose the raw components that will go into your final creation, followed by comprehensive supplier validation and control mechanisms.

Consider the following variables when deciding which ingredients to utilize:

Choose Vendors Who Fulfill Your Quality Requirements

Inconsistent raw material quality can severely influence production, end products, and even your company’s reputation. As a result, it is critical to get your raw ingredients from top sources, such as Jeeva Organic.

When looking for high-quality raw ingredients, keep the following in mind:

  • Suppliers of Raw Materials who follow the exact high-quality requirements of your company
  • Ingredients and raw supplies from reputable vendors

Validate Suppliers Thoroughly

To ensure that you obtain only raw materials that meet legislative and unique quality standards, it is critical to conduct extensive supplier validation checks.

  • Validate your suppliers against your quality criteria.
  • Compare your food quality checklist to basic supplier information and a raw material sample.
  • Examine the raw material for composition, purity, and the possibility of microbial contamination.
  • You can do a test at your facility.
  • Examine the supplier’s qualifications by determining whether or not they have a quality management system in place.
  • Check to see if they comply with all applicable regulations.

Conduct an onsite audit at the supplier’s plant to ensure that all relevant quality and safety requirements are met. You can inspect each step of their manufacturing process to see if they can offer the appropriate paperwork and eliminate the possibility of contamination.

After deciding on the various raw materials and which supplier to use, you must create a list of raw material standards against which you must validate each incoming batch. These standards must, for example, include the following:

  • The Origin and Method of Manufacture
  • Information on How to Handle a Product
  • Shelf-life and Storage Requirements
  • Nutrition Information
  • Allergens and Other Food Safety Concerns
  • Acceptability of Claims Such as Gluten-free, Organic, or Vegan
  • All of the Information Required to Label Your Manufactured Product Properly
  • COA for Raw Materials That Pose a Danger to Food Safety or Quality

In addition to the mandatory visual inspection of your incoming raw materials, request a COA (certificate of analysis) for each shipment that poses a high risk of food safety or quality to guarantee that your supplier regularly provides raw materials that meet your quality and safety criteria.

The COA provides a supplier report on the incoming batch’s characteristics. In the instance of incoming raw materials for which you may not require a COA, ensure that they are provided following your or your customers’ raw material criteria.


These regular supplier and delivery checks allow you to control your suppliers by warning them of non-conforming deliveries before they enter your facilities. Understanding your incoming raw materials is critical for food safety, productivity, and reputation.

You can achieve the highest quality for your manufactured products by thoroughly managing your raw materials’ safety standards and suppliers’ raw materials. One such global supplier, Jeeva Organic, ensures that all your needs are met before beginning the transportation process.

We perform extensive tests on our items to ensure the highest quality raw ingredients at the most reasonable prices for your company. We are a global supplier of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

Are You Looking for High-Quality Raw Materials for Your Manufactured Products?

Our company specializes in locating high-quality raw materials for your manufacturing company. Jeeva Organic is proud to be a global provider of authentic and pure natural ingredients.



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