Vitamins are chemical molecules required in tiny amounts in human diets to preserve life and health. The lack of crucial vitamins can result in sickness and various disorders. Thirteen vitamins have been recognized as essential for human health.

Although, there exist additional vitamin supplements that may also help in achieving optimal nutrition. However, it is reasonable to state that more is known about the implications of vitamin deficiency than what specific vitamins may accomplish.

For example, a lack of vitamin A causes the photosensitive cells in the eye’s retina to break down, resulting in night blindness, while a lack of vitamin C in the diet causes scurvy. Similarly, a lack of vitamin D may result in rickets.

Raw Ingredients for Vitamin Manufacturing

Vitamins can be derived from both organic and non-organic sources. Vitamin A Powder, for example, may be obtained through fish liver oil, whereas vitamin C Powder can be obtained from citrus fruits.

The majority of commercial vitamins may be purchased in bulk from a renowned and trustworthy global supplier of nutraceuticals, such as Jeeva Organic. When purchased in bulk, these vitamins are cost-effective and can ensure high profitability for your business.

Vitamin tablets or capsules may contain additives that help the manufacturing process or the human body’s acceptance of the vitamin pill. Many vitamins can be bulked out using fillers such as Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder, Lactase powder, Calcium powder, or Maltodextrin.

Magnesium stearate powder can be used as a lubricant after adequate preparation, while silicon dioxide powder can be used as a flow agent. These ingredients make it easier for the vitamin powder to pass through the tableting or encapsulating equipment.

You may add herbs of different types and minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc, to vitamin compounds. Such refined vitamins and minerals are often available from specialized nutraceutical sources, such as Jeeva Organic.

Vitamin research is an active topic, with new studies frequently pointing to novel functions for vitamins in health and disease prevention. As some of this research emerges, some vitamins or vitamin-like compounds experience consumer popularity in fads.

The Way Forward

The future of vitamins will shift conceptually regarding how much we know about how vitamins operate. As a result, your company must get only the finest quality raw materials for your manufactured products!

At Jeeva Organic, as a provider of dietary supplement ingredients, we have a more significant ethical duty than simply growing our business. Consequently, we maintain and preserve the global food supply chain by offering pure and authentic ingredients.


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