Angelica archangelica is an aromatic herb of Apiaceae family that is mostly cultivated across northern Europe. Its fruit, root, seed, and leaf, everything have been used in traditional medicines. The plant grows in damp soil and cool climates. The bitter taste herb contains chemicals that supports the digestive system and lowers anxiety. Angelica root benefits in increasing blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Therefore, it was considered as a remedy for muscle soreness in folk medicine.

Angelica Root

Nutrient Profile  

There are enormous amount of vitamins like vitamin B12, thiamin, folic acid, biotin and minerals such as magnesium, thiamin, potassium, iron, riboflavin, etc. Angelica roots also have glucose, sucrose, and fructose that enhances body’s energy. It contains fatty oils that helps to overcome several health problems and fill up the nutritional gaps.


Angelica root oil is used in perfumes due to its pleasant smell. It is also included in liqueurs and tea for flavour. Many utilize the root for preparing aromatic confectioneries and delicious food items. In Scandinavian cultures, the root is considered as a spice and flavouring agent for reindeer milk. Moreover, companies use the Angelica root powder to create supplements that alleviates digestive issues and flatulence.  

Benefits of Angelica Root

1. Healing Wounds:

The root improves the process of wound healing by increasing the formation of new blood vessels in the body. It also repairs tissue damage and reduces inflammation happened due to injury.

2. Restricts Microbial Growth:

Harmful viruses and bacteria can cause diseases. Angelica root extracts contain isolated compounds like imperatorin that fight against cold and flu viruses while preventing the growth of microbes.

3. Lowers Anxiety:

Several studies reflect that the root relaxes the anxious behaviours and decreases nervousness. The nutrients balance hormones that causes stress or anxiety.

4. Reducing Digestive Problems:

Angelica roots are known to enhance appetite and relieve colic by lessening production of gas. Polysaccharides in the root elevates the production of healthy cells and prevents stomach against damage. The Angelica root tea improves the digestive tracts by minimizing the oxidative stress. 

5. Maintaining Hormonal Balance:

In many ancient and modern medicines, the roots have been used to enhance the estrogen hormone levels in women. The herb is extremely beneficial for issues related to menstruation. Its antispasmodic properties decreases cramps and discomfort. Furthermore, studies shows that Angelica root helps to regularize menstrual cycle.  

6. Improves Respiration: 

Traditionally, it has been used as a herbal remedy for alleviating respiratory problems. The root has expectorant properties that combats respiratory tract infections and clears the airway. 

7. Increases Blood Circulation: 

The higher levels of vitamin B12, biotin, and folic acid decreases the harmful substances and toxins in the blood. Iron stimulates red blood cells production and improves the circulation of blood in the body.  

The powdered form or extracts of Angelica root are largely used for medicinal purposes. Besides that, the root powder is included in additives, essential oils, beverage bases, perfumes, and alcoholic drinks. Angelica roots have amazing benefits, which makes them suitable for multiple industries.


The above statements are not intended to cure any disease or comply with any health benefits. This is solely for information purposes. Please consult your doctor/health practitioner before consumption of the product. Although we take efforts to keep our website informative, we do not guarantee any medical benefits.

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